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Our state bundles now allow you to design your own bundle, no more pre-selected courses! You simply purchase a bundle of credits. You can satisfy all of your CLE requirements with a state bundle, but now with the ability to tailor the courses to your interests. Click on a state in the map below to begin.

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CLE Center is the premier provider of online Continuing Legal Education programs that can be completed for MCLE credit in more than 40 states. Our programs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, via access from any computer with an Internet connection: we bring the classroom to you! Watch online programs on your schedule and print certificates right from your home or office to earn certification on your schedule. See More


Are you a speaker who produces engaging, interactive, and dynamic CLE courses? Are you looking to reach a wide audience and have your courses produced in over 40 states across the country?

  Alabama CLE   Alaska CLE   Arkansas CLE   Arizona CLE   California CLE   Colorado CLE   Connecticut CLE
  District of Columbia CLE   Delaware CLE   Florida CLE   Georgia CLE   Hawaii CLE   Idaho CLE   Illinois CLE
  Indiana CLE   Iowa CLE   Kansas CLE   Kentucky CLE   Louisiana CLE   Maine CLE   Maryland CLE
  Massachusetts CLE   Michigan CLE   Minnesota CLE   Mississippi CLE   Missouri CLE   Montana CLE   Nebraska CLE
  New Hampshire CLE   Nevada CLE   New Jersey CLE   New Mexico CLE   New York CLE   North Dakota CLE   North Carolina CLE
  Ohio CLE   Oklahoma CLE   Oregon CLE   Pennsylvania CLE   Rhode Island CLE   South Carolina CLE   South Dakota CLE
  Tennessee CLE   Texas CLE   Utah CLE   Vermont CLE   Virginia CLE   Washington CLE   West Virginia CLE
  Wisconsin CLE   Wyoming CLE

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