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Positive Feedback
Great job. Once again, I enjoyed completing your Florida Bundle. I had an issue with one class that expired, and using the Live Chat feature it was quickly resolved. Thanks for providing such a great service. Tom

On 1/25/2022 7:34:02 AM by Thomas Stutler

Feedback on GC's Role in creating an ethical and Diverse Business Culture
Hope you got my feedback on the CLE on GC's Role in creating an Ethical and Diverse Business culture Outstanding!

On 1/18/2020 7:43:39 PM by Iris Schwimmer-Butler

Thank you.
Thank you. Thanks to you, I was able to comply with California's CLE requirements.

On 1/17/2020 7:55:28 AM by Judge (RET) Stirling

Overall, good program content and delivery.

On 12/20/2018 6:30:14 PM by Roger Sugarman

Stuart Teicher
Stuart I. Teicher is the most engaging, funny, entertaining panelist your company has ever had. I actually remember him from when I last did my CLE three years ago. That is really saying something! More of him please! Or just let him do them all.

On 6/15/2017 2:06:59 PM by Jonathan Justman

immigration update
Great information.

On 2/23/2015 10:41:30 AM by Martin Hale

SEC Rules Under the JOBS ACT
a good review with important precautions for dealer/brokers soliciting under the new rules.

On 1/24/2015 6:12:33 PM by Joseph Moderow

Compliance Programs
a very substantive program with a panel with deep subject matter expertise--a great amount of materials and references available to help strengthen our own company's compliance programs.

On 1/23/2015 11:34:41 AM by Joseph Moderow

Criminal Cases-US Supreme Court
a very scholarly presentation of the Court's decisions--I felt like I was back in law school.

On 1/23/2015 12:45:17 AM by Joseph Moderow

Cutting Edge Developments in Criminal Law
a useful review of nuances in criminal procedures that holds your interest with the use of a comedic presentation.

On 1/22/2015 6:24:12 PM by Joseph Moderow

Derivatives and Dodd-Frank
amazing explanation of the incredible complexity of Derivative trading and the speed with which rules are changing--confirmation that very competent counsel is needed

On 1/22/2015 2:16:42 PM by Joseph Moderow

How Good Lawyers End Up In Trouble
very practical and useful advice on avoiding unintentional violations of the rules of conduct--panel members very knowledgeable regarding real life experiences.

On 1/21/2015 1:53:43 PM by Joseph Moderow

Hoe to Cross-Examine
a very pragmatic demonstration of cross-examination skills

On 1/20/2015 6:50:27 PM by Joseph Moderow

Impact of Immigration
a broad exposure to highly complex rules, regulations and exceptions--highlights areas requiring more in-depth research to provide competent advice.

On 1/19/2015 11:33:03 PM by Joseph Moderow

future of the courts
Good seminar

On 12/28/2014 8:07:17 PM by Joseph Hoffer

The Court of the Future
The program is timely & instructive. It encourages attorneys to adapt and become more current with information technology.

On 11/1/2014 9:38:35 AM by Philip Walsh

Civil Appellate Practice.
Throrugh, precise, interesting, and helpful.

On 8/13/2014 10:52:00 AM by Stephen Jones

conflicts of law rules.
excellent program.

On 8/12/2014 3:36:20 PM by Stephen Jones

CLE center
I have been using for years to complete my cle credits. I can do the programs any time, at my leisure, and there is always a real person to talk to when I call customer service with any questions. On top of this, their prices are very affordable compared to other providers.

On 8/8/2014 3:31:00 AM by John Kenton