Louisiana 12.5-Credit Compliance Bundle - For 2021 Compliance Deadline

Save time with our hand-selected Compliance Bundles tailored to satisfy your mandatory state requirements.

With the Louisiana 12.5-Credit Compliance Bundle, attorneys can complete twelve (12) MCLE Credit hours online through self-study, including one (1) hour in Ethics and one (1) hour in Professionalism required by the Louisiana Supreme Court Committee on MCLE.

The Louisiana Supreme Court has issued an order lifting the limitation on self-study credits for the 2021 cycle.

All programs in this bundle are approved by the Louisiana Supreme Court Committee on Mandatory Continuing Legal Education.

You have one year from the date of purchase to complete your programs.

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64 minutes
Cite Early! Cite Often! The 2019-2020 Cases That Every Practitioner Should Know
Join us for ALM’s open-to-all legendary Judicial Keynote Session as the panel discusses the cases that made (or missed) the ALM headlines in 2019-2020. Caselaw discussions will focus on the ever changing landscape of data and biometric privacy, privilege disputes, spoliation, recent news in iPhone forensics and social media discovery in litigation.


1 - General

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63 minutes
Change Management: How to Get Lawyers and Staff to Buy-In to Change
Leaders of law firms and law departments alike often lament their inability to get buy-in from partners and staff on anything from new technologies and processes to new business structures. Their jobs are as much psychologists as lawyers. We walk through two case studies, from a law firm and a law department, to highlight what successful change management looks like in action.


1 - General

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62 minutes
Emojis and Sentiment as New Critical Risk Elements in Corporate Communications: How to Understand and Handle These ‘New Normal’ Data Types
This emerging technology session will take participants through basic emoji meanings, hidden and otherwise, discuss newly-available technology helping target risky communications containing emojis and charged words, outline how lawyers can quickly investigate the substance of the issues at hand, and explain how courts have addressed emojis to date.


1 - General

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58 minutes
Navigating Data Privacy Restrictions in Litigations and Investigations
This CLE session, presented by experienced global privacy and e-discovery attorneys and technologists, will discuss how to design processes and leverage technology to remain compliant and secure while meeting the needs of the case.


1 - General

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61 minutes
Tech Matters: Managing Legal and Ethical Issues at the Cutting Edge of eDiscovery
In just 10 years the case law around eDiscovery AI & Analytics has exploded. Over 100 published opinions specifically address TAR and Predictive Coding--evaluating complex and nuanced issues like defensibility, workflow design, protocol negotiation, and transparency obligations. In the meantime, dozens of state bar associations have imposed ethical obligations for lawyers to maintain technical competency, including within eDiscovery. Thomas C. Gricks III will lead an educational panel of experts covering the key legal issues around eDiscovery and technology.


1 - Ethics

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91 minutes
The Practice and Process of Law: Preparing for a Deposition
Most everything attorneys do can be reduced to a checklist—a series of steps that followed will allow you to achieve a given legal task, especially preparing for a deposition. In this program, you'll hear expert attorneys discuss the art of skillfully preparing for a deposition.

American Bar Association

1.5 - General

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141 minutes
United States Supreme Court Term Ending June 2019 Decisions Involving Criminal Law Issues and the U.S. Constitution
In this program, Professor Saltzman summarizes and explains every criminal law related decision by the U.S. Supreme Court during the October 2018 - June 2019 term. This includes cases on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 14th Amendments. He will also discuss Gundy v US which covers Article I Section 1 regarding the legislative power vested in Congress. 

Saltzman Seminars

2 - General

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67 minutes
Lessons for Lawyers from True-Crime TV - Vol. 1: Dangers in Divorces
In this program, Dr. Brian Russell, a clinical psychologist and practicing attorney will take you behind the scenes and use True-Crime TV cases to offer ethical tips and strategies in recognizing the dangers involved in divorces and how to avoid them.

Dr. Brian Russell

1 - General